December 2019 Index Returns

Happy New Year!  All of us at XYIS are excited for 2020, we hope you are too.

Here are some highlights on the index returns for December 2019:

  • Returns were positive across global equities with the exception of US REITs and global REITs.
  • Domestic small cap stocks were in line with their large cap counterparts; small cap beat large cap internationally while emerging markets had the highest monthly return; value was mixed domestically as it underperformed growth in large cap but outperformed in small cap.
  • Fixed income returns were mainly positive; however, intermediate and longer dated Treasuries fell as rates rose along that portion of the curve.
  • As this period ended the decade, it's worth a few minutes to look at the extraordinary returns earned over the last ten years across equity and fixed income markets.  As a reference point, a 60/40 portfolio simply comprised of the MSCI ACWI and BloombergBarclays Global Agg (hedged USD) earned a very strong 7.1% return over the last ten years.

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