September 2020 Index Returns


We hope everyone is having a great fall, is able to watch the leaves change colors, and is gearing up for Halloween at the end of this month.

Attached is the monthly index returns sheet we deliver to you each month.  For a summary of the returns:

  • With the exception of frontier markets (+0.7%), all other equity benchmarks shown were negative for the month. 
    • This is in contrast to the strong positive returns we saw in July and August.
    • International stocks, in general, outperformed their US counterparts during the month
    • All equity returns were positive for Q3, with the range of US REITs (+0.8%) to US large growth (+13.2%)
  • Fixed income returns were mixed in September but were overall in a tight range from high yield (-1.0%) to Global Ex-US hedged (+1.1%)
    • Treasuries across the curve were flat to slightly positive while Corporates and Munis were flat to slightly negative
    • With long term yields falling YTD, the ICE BoA 10+ Yr Treasury benchmark has returned +20.9% YTD.  And while we know the Fed isn't "thinking about thinking about" raising rates currently, we know the opposite will occur with returns when rates do eventually rise.


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As an additional note, please keep in mind that these reflect historical performance of the current models, not necessarily how accounts were invested in the past.

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