Changing a client's address at Charles Schwab

There are three main ways to change an address for an account at Charles Schwab, all of which involve your client. An advisor cannot authorize a change of address without client consent. The three options are below. 

1. Submit a Change of Address form for the account. This form, signed by the client, requests the update to the address from the client. A single form can be submitted to change the address on multiple accounts. 

2. Your client can verbally request the address change. If your client calls the Charles Schwab service team, they are able to verbally request the change in address for whichever accounts need to be changed. To do so, they can call 1-800-435-4000 and talk with Charles Schwab directly to correct the address. 

3. Your client can also request this change on, assuming they have set up access to that site. is the client-facing Charles Schwab portal where your clients can view accounts, performance, statements, and more. They can set up access themselves at


Now you know the three options to change a client's address for an account at Charles Schwab. Please email or call (360) 301-7579 if you have any questions. 

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