Resetting a Client's Account

As an advisor using XYIS, you have the ability to reset the password for any client of yours who either took too long to sign into Orion upon their invitation or who can't reset their password on their own. It's an easy process to follow! 

1. Open the Manage Users app


2. In the app you will now see a full list of all of your users. Right click on the user you need to reset and select Reset User. 


3. Once clicked, you will have the option to show a temporary password or send an email to your client with a link to reset their password.

Please note: When resetting a password for an existing user, the temporary password or password reset email are only valid for one hour. Make sure your client uses their link or password in this timeframe or you will have to reset the password again. Screen_Shot_2019-06-03_at_1.54.25_PM.png


That's all it takes! Let us know if you have any questions at or (360) 301-7579. 


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