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We're very excited to welcome back "Element" - It was rebranded to Advisor Portal! We will refer to this application as Advisor Portal going forward. With this application you will be able to calculate client risk scores, generate investment proposals, and prepare new account paperwork! We've created a full walk through below. We've also posted some frequently asked questions, tips & tricks, here!

You can access the Advisor Portal application by logging into Orion, selecting applications and finding the Advisor Portal with a blue icon. We recommend saving this application into a folder with your other most used applications to make it easier to find (instructions for that here.) 

We also want to note that Advisor Portal works best in Google Chrome. Please use Chrome for best results.




OPENING ADVISOR PORTAL: Advisor Portal is single-sign on so the portal will open in a separate window.



THE RISK QUESTIONNAIRE: Once you are logged into the portal, go to the top of the screen to choose "open account." Enter the client's information and go through the risk questionnaire.



CHOOSING A MODEL: Once you've calculated the client's risk score you are ready to choose a model!



GENERATING THE PROPOSAL: Now it is time to generate the proposal! Click on the "XYIS Proposal Template" and download the proposal.



ENTER THE CLIENT'S INFORMATION: On the next screen you will enter the client's personal information. Please fill this in as completely as possible to prevent NIGOs.



BENEFICIARY ENTRY: If this is a retirement account you will be prompted to enter beneficiaries. If this is a taxable account you will not see this option.



MONEYLINK/MOVE MONEY: Click on "Standing Instructions" in order to add a 

Moneylink form to the envelope.



ADDING AN ACAT: You are also able to add an ACAT to the Docusign envelope. If you do not see the contra firm listed, please contact us before submitting so that we can help facilitate the client's transfer. Please do not select other.



SEND THE DOCUSIGN ENVELOPE: Once you've entered all of the information needed for the account, you are ready to send the Docusign envelope for signature!



THE ENVELOPE WAS SENT (YAY!): You will see the below message appear when the Docusign envelope is sent. Please note that you will need to contact directly for envelope status updates. You will receive a copy of the Docusign envelope once the client signs it.


As always, please contact us with any questions you have. You can view the frequently asked questions for Advisor Portal here.

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