Advisor Portal - FAQ

We've outlined answers to some of the questions you might have regarding Advisor Portal (previously Element) below. As always, please send us an email if you need more information!


Can I use another program to calculate the client's risk score?

Yes! If you've calculated the client's risk score already you can check the box at the very top of the risk questionnaire and enter the score in the box that pops up. 


The firm I need to transfer an account from is not listed, what do I do? 

Please consult with us before sending paperwork to the client. If the transfer is Docusign eligible, we will manually add the transfer form to the packet. If the transfer is not Docusign eligible, we will prepare a PDF version of the transfer form for you to send to the client. 


Can I send the investment proposal with the Docusign envelope?

Advisor Portal is not capable of doing this at this time. This is something we hope Orion makes available in the future.


Will Advisor Portal tell me the status of Docusign envelopes?

It will not. Advisor Portal sends information to Docusign but Docusign does not send information back. You will receive a copy of the paperwork when the client completes the Docusign envelope. If you have not received this and you need to know the status of an envelope, please send us an email. We are actively looking for ways to improve visibility into envelope status. 


My logo, headshot, and/or my fee schedule are incorrect or missing. What do I do?

If you send us an email with the correct information we will get it updated as soon as possible. 


I accidentally clicked the wrong custodian for my proposed account, help! 

On the very right side of the screen you should see a trash can icon - click to delete - then add the proposed account again.





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