October 2018 Index Returns

We are always working together to bring you, an XYIS advisor, valuable investment insights and resources for your investment management. As such, we're excited to start sharing a new monthly resource with you from our partners East Bay Financial Services! 

The attached PDF provides the returns for global benchmarks across asset classes and various time periods. However, it can also be used to tell a story. You can use it to show, for example, how the month of October caused several asset classes to turn to negative year to date returns. You can use it to show the differences between large cap vs. small cap stocks, US vs. Intl stocks, or corporate bonds vs. munis and Treasuries. Overall, it can be used to help place client portfolio returns into a broader context of what is happening across global markets.

We hope you find this valuable! And remember, if you're an XYIS advisor feel free to ask for your own white-labeled version of this PDF! 


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